[V8] Leaking Red fluid UH-OH Update

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Fri Apr 15 07:28:45 EDT 2005

Last I knew, there was a pretty healthy Audi club in the Dallas area - I 
went to one of their meetings a couple of years back. Check over at 
Audiworld and Audi club websites. Soon as you can hook up with those 
guys you'll have a list of places to do the work. Any decent shop that 
handles VW/Porsche can do this work. The only sticking point is calling 
Jorgen to see if they have one in stock. If not, they can turn yours 
around in about 5 days incl shipping.
I've done 2 - they're no fun, but its not rocket science... Hardest part 
is orienting the rack to slip it out the wheel well. You forget to pull 
the top 2 trans bolts to give you that extra 1/4 of room and you'll be 
there all day fighting with it...

driverv8 at aol.com wrote:

> New day, new piece of newspaper under the car, and wouldn't you know it, the red fluid was from a previous burp from the V8, who knows when. 
>Red is NOT leaking now. 
>But Green Pentosin IS leaking. 
>So I took off the air box like Dave suggested, and yes, both of the boots are torn and inner parts are exposed. 
>So thanks for the "Jurgen rebuilt" suggestion, Dave. I asked if my shop would put on a rebuilt part, and they said no. ONLY AUDI Original parts.
>Maybe that is why the $$cost estimate$$ is $2000.  
>I am not handy enough to change the rack. 
>Any suggestions for Dallas/Ft Worth area service techs who would do this R&R for me using a Jurgen Rebuilt rack?
>It leaves about a quarter-sized dollop of pentosin every time after driving. 
>Fluid level in the tank is just a bit low, I have refilled about 3 ounces one time. 
>Who wants to earn $60 x 8 hrs to R&R this for me?
>Scott Olson
>90 V8 
>Near DFW, Texas
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