[V8] Interesting 1993 V8 FS

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Apr 20 09:07:57 EDT 2005

I wasn't aware that the 4.2 litre interval was 75K.or I forgot it, either of
which is plausible.


I know that the Porsche 928S4 interval is 60,000, and found that out for
sure, when the master warning light and the belt tensioner/change warning
lights went on during the return leg of a 500 mile trip, at 60,011 miles.
MAN!  Did those lights ever get MY attention!




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The seller is unaware that Audi's
interval for timing belt change was reduced to 60,000 miles, which makes
this car either waaaay overdue, or just due for the whole shebang.  I did
tell him this just so that he would know.

60k for 3.6 liter cars, 75 for 4.2's

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