[V8] RPM Sensor / Ignitition Timing Sensor + O2 Sensor?

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 12:06:32 EDT 2005

Yup. I did a wiretup on this a while back and found it in the archives:
 Note in this picture ( there is a 
rouge green wire; this is the extra (chassis) ground that I used on the Bosh 
4-wire sensor. I eventually grounded it to the engine block and haven't had 
any problems sence. The 2 white heater wires go to the plug called out in my 
photo as O2 sensor, and the black sensor wire goes to a single fast-on 
(spade) connector with a rubber boot just barely seen south of the 2 white 
 For me, the O2 sensor was a very easy job, but some people have a bear of a 
time breaking the O2 sensor loose if the previous installer didn't use 
thermal grease (supplied on all new Bosh O2 sensors).
Here is a shot of the O2 sensor in the X of the exhaust cross pipe: - Grey wire is the 4th 
one that goes to engine ground.
 Good luck Torrence,
 - Jeremy
 On 7/3/05, Torrence Thomas (Mobile Office) <tethomas at onlineaccesscards.com> 
> Did I see an O2 sensor in that photo? Please verify. Geez. Now I've got to
> replace that one too? Didn't even know it was there.
> > - Here is 
> a
> >view from the bottom of the connectors. My camera was able to squeeze in
> >there (unlike my big head), but I unfortunately don't remember any 
> reference
> >points to give you. Tip: The connector spring-clips used on German cars
> >don't have to be removed to unplug the connector - just squeeze the 
> spring
> >into the body of the connector and pull the plug loose. You probably 
> already
> >know that, but I figured this out on my own after several months of
> >ownership ;-)
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