[V8] Right Side Marker Light Needed

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Wed Jul 6 15:00:36 EDT 2005

If anyone has a spare right side marker light they would like to sell
me, please e-mail me off list.  There is a lot of work I will be doing
on the vehicle (to be read Tony Hoffman will be doing most of the work
and I will assist as best I can) over the next 2 weeks (power steering
hoses, resolve high temp. issue, instrument cluster, etc.) and I would
like to fix this to.  I have a right side marker light but the
protective plastic cover fell off so you can see the bulb.  Anyone's
help is appreciated.
Zay Campozano | Computer Engineer | MGM MIRAGE(tm)
rcampozano at MGMMirage.net

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