[V8] using aluminum in a v8

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The use of aluminium in the doors and window frames began with the
introduction of the typ 44 in 82 or 83.

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Subject: [V8] using aluminum in a v8

> I was pulling apart the doors from a wreck this weekend and found 
> it very interesting to see, once again, how Audi used aluminum in 
> so many places...
> The door skins are steel and have a steel impact beam in them 
> (clearly visible through the side impact on the door I was 
> stripping...) but the interior of the door and the window frame 
> slide out of the skin and are all aluminum (at least magnets don't 
> stick...).  There is a steel crossbar on the interior side of the 
> aluminum, I assume for further flex resistence.  The skin weighs a 
> lot more than the windowframe and interior frame.
> Also found, once upon a stripping, that the whole pedal mounting 
> assembly is aluminum.  very deceptive when you see the bulk and 
> then lift it to find it weighs ounces.  Lots of interesting places 
> like that in the V8.  I don't know what they fully saved with the 
> aluminum components, but I'd bet it was 500 lbs. plus.
> John
> PS - Anyone needing internal door parts... or black exterior door 
> handles... or grey interior skins... lemme know.  My V8's silver 
> with black interior so this stuff is up for grabs. 
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