[V8] Engine miss and no power

Jeff Goldberg gold123 at ntelos.net
Mon Jul 11 17:49:24 EDT 2005

That was my typo should read: CTP: closed throttle position sensor.

Can I just swap the connectors for the sensors or do I need do physically
relocate them as well?


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The engine will not run at all without the RPM sensor ... perhaps it is
intermittent ... but I think you'd have more trouble getting it running.
Rather than replace you may want to test by swapping the RPM and Reference
sensors to see if that fixes things ... if it now runs you have good
evidence that the RPM sensor has a problem.

For some reason my brain isn't recognizing "CPT" this early in the morning

The mixture adaptation code makes me wonder if you should not investigate
the Fuel Pressure Regulator ... since there's no OXS code too ...

AFAIK the codes are reset after reading if you use blink mode ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Car started right up this morning and idled fine, but could not coax
> throttle over 1000 RPM...begins to rev and then seems like it cuts off at
> 1000 and idle drops.  I rechecked the codes with it idling and found 3
> codes.
> 2413 Mixture Adaption (an ABH code ???)
> 2111 RPM Sensor no change in signal
> 2121 CPT Switch signal to positive
> I ran the output test to clear the codes and all three codes reappear.
> The
> CPT tested Ok.  The RPM sensor tests call for terminals 1 and 3, 2 and 3
> to
> read open.  I read 2-3 ohms across these terminals.  I also found oil in
> the
> RPM sensor connector which I cleaned out.
> After testing the sensors and plugging back in the car ran perfect for
> about
> 1/2 a mile then the symptoms returned. The car starts and idles perfect
> until the temp. gauge hits the first mark, then it won't idle either.
> The fact that the symtoms completely went away and returned so suddenly
> leads me to think it's not as simple as fouled plugs.
> When it's cold it starts and idles fine. When it's missing it doesn't have
> the power to even move in the drive.  Once it's warm it still starts but
> misses at idle as well.
> What is the best way to clear the codes?  Is there a way to know for sure
> that they have been cleared?
> Do you think I should go ahead and replace the RPM sensor?

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