[V8] Speedline Wheels

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 19:27:18 EDT 2005

"Those wheels are the "love them or hate them" style...
I had them on my 200 3 years back ==>"

Well, I had them in 2000. So there. :)

I actually loved those wheels, too my eye, they lengthened the car, and
the flat face pushed the corners out. However, I've always been a
wierdo about wheels. The same effect is noticable to me on the late
80-early 90's C4 Corvettes. The difference from year to year is only in
the wheels, but every distinct wheel changes the look of the car. I put
'93 wheels on my '90 and it changed the whole look of the car (to me)

Oh well, to each his own.


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