[V8] Re: random AC qeustion

Jeff Goldberg gold123 at ntelos.net
Tue Jul 26 11:33:37 EDT 2005

I used the port on the accumulator to charge my '91. However, I found that I
could not attach the 134a quick connect hose to the standard straight
conversion adapter.  The adapter is too long and does not leave enough
clearance between the accumulator and the ABS control module to attach the
hose.  I found a right angle adapter at Advance Auto Parts that solved my
problem.  Bentley lists the port on the accumulator as the "Low Pressure
Service Valve".

Bentley lists the pressure switch by the header that is yellow or green as
the high pressure switch. It's been a while and I really don't remember, but
I am pretty sure I took my high side readings from to port opposite this
switch. I can't locate my high side adapter to hook up to this port to
confirm for you.

The low pressure switch is under the cowl ("water tray") and a second high
pressure switch on the condensor.  I have never had the cowl off, but if
there is a port on the line with the low pressure switch I don't see why you
couldn't charge from there.

'91 V8Q

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Hi all,
Does anyone know, is the low pressure A/C port on a 91' the one next to the
header on the passenger side? My 90' V8 did not have that port, only the one
under the cowl with the low pressure switch (the 91' has that port  too).
Is the port down by the header also low pressure?....... my quick
back-tracking from the condenser says it is. The fact that it seems it is
location on most other vehicle's low pressure port leads me to believe  it
also....but, before I hook my 250 psi gauge to that port I want to
confirm.....lest it explode...guess I should not have sold my Bentley...oh
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