[V8] Urban Legend?

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When plastics are new they do release chemicals which coat the inside of
a windshield. This is a why you have a "New Car Smell" when the car is
new, and when it gets old, the plastic break down. Heat, Time, and
moisture react with polymers in the materials of a car's interior
breaking them down into simpler molecules and gasses. Best way to get it
off is clean with ammonia. Best way to keep it from happening to to keep
the vehicle out of the sun, and if you do crack a window to help
ventilate the interior.

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Date: Thursday, July 28, 2005 9:40 am
Subject: [V8] Urban Legend?

> Why do car windshields get a film on the inside that makes
> visibility poor?
> I have heard that the dashboard materials do something called
> "outgassing"
> and are responsible for this film.  I get so tired having to clean
> the INSIDE of
> my windshield.  Anyone know the "real" reason and how it can be
> stopped? 
> Thanks,
> Brad Hartman
> 1990 V8

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