[V8] Fuel never reads Full

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Two things....
Fuel is usually pumped from an underground storage tank, which keeps the
fuel temp at around 45 to 50 degrees year round.  The tank is filled
until the volume is full (in a car, it's not by weight, but until the
small tube leading back up to the filler neck is submerged in the tank
and causes the auto shutoff of the nozzle).

As the tank empties, there is a little fuel in the saddle tank on the
opposite side from the pump that doesn't siphon over, and the fuel pump
will depress the fuel level slightly until it sucks air and the engine
stalls from low fuel pressure.  There's still some fuel in the tank.  

My 4000 fuel gauge adjusts differently; there is a lever that raises and
lowers the background around the needle...

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Tank capacity is usually determined at a standard of 60 degree F here in
the US.  The correct method to measure fuel should be by weight, not
volume.  A relevant volume is measured and corrected for specific
gravity and temperature.  Kind of nitpicking in automotive applications,
but it used to make a difference when I was flying, calculations were
based on fuel weight, not volume.  Volume has too many variables.

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