[V8] Another V8 bites the dust.....Maybe....

Daniel O'Dell daniel_o_dell at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 10 21:05:32 EDT 2005


Some lowlife broke into the V8 and trashed the car pretty badly.
the rear seat was removed, the headrests were forcibly removed the get
to the seat, and the pass-through was bent to hell, trying to get into
the trunk,and also prying up on trunk lid, they also broke the rear
lock, dented the drivers door and door-frame getting into the car, as
well as bent the knee bolster trying to pop the ignition.  Well, a lot
of stuff.. 
The insurance company is coming up with a repair estimate (preliminary)
of almost 3k for the body damage, and may total the car if the rear
seat becomes an issue to replace. The insurance guy says that the seat
has to be replaced, the frame is too badly bent, but neither him or the
shop have any idea where there going to try to find a replacement rear
seat and headrests (yes the headrests are gone, go figure..) They think
that they might be able to find a used seat and recover it with my
hide, but labor on that will probably be another $600 bucks, which
could very well push the car into the salvage category, since they say
the ACV is about $6100 and were talking nearly 2/3 of that to fix it.
Oh well, I'll keep you posted.

'91 V8 (for now :-(

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