[V8] '93 V8: some progress, but now new codes.

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 13:50:56 EDT 2005

I had a similar issue a few years ago when I first pulled the codes on
my V8.  It was pointed out to me that the motor should be running when
you pull the codes, otherwise you will get an engine speed sensor
error.  Also, when you start the car, most people put their foot on
the brake to do so; if you don't, you will get the brake light switch

My guess on the knock sensor is the connector on the fuel rail.  Over
the years, the heat kills the plastic connector housing and it will
crumble to dust if you look at it sideways.  I had to McGuiver mine
together one day after bumping it ;-)  Take off the air filter cover
(3 screws, 4 bolts) to access the connectors - they should be zip tied
to the fuel rails, one on each side.  Make sure they are intact and

Sorry, no experience with idle speed too low...  Does it stumble at
idle?  Where does the needle sit at idle?  600RPM?

ECU and TCU are located behind the driver's knee bolster and are
stacked one on top of the other.

Good luck!

- Jeremy

On 6/12/05, Miller, Chris <chris.miller at infofoundry.com> wrote:
> New codes.
> 2142   (00524)  G61 Knock Sensor 1 - No change in signal .  Symptom:
> high fuel consumption, power loss.  Corrective measure:  tightening
> torque 20 Nm, or correct open or short circuit.
> ---
> 2231   (00533)  Idle Speed Regulation - Maximum adaptation limit
> exceeded.  Symptom:  idle speed too low.  Corrective measure:  Check N71
> IAC valve; check G70 MAF, check G19 (also MAF?)
> Could be:  IAC binding when closed.  MAF offset.  Terminal resistance at
> connector of N71
> ---
> 2111  (00513)  Engine speed (RPM) sensor - no change in signal.
> Symptom:  engine does not start; misfires; engine stalls.  Check sensor
> and repair short or open circuit.
> Condition:  Foreign material on sensor.  Mounting base loose.  Distance
> greater than 1.2mm to flywheel.  Broken teeth on flywheel.  Open
> circuit/short circuit.
> ---
> 2131  (00518)  Brake light switch (F) - Open circuit, or defective
> switch.
> Idle speed is low, but never stalls.  Engine starts and seems to run
> fine, with the check engine light occasionally coming on.  I cleaned the
> knock sensor harness connector yesterday; no effect.  I cleaned out the
> IAC valve, and found some corrosion in the lower pin of the connector.
> Cleaned that too; no effect.
> Next step is to figure out where the ECU is located (under driver's side
> dash?) and clean the connector there.  Then figure out the knock sensor
> issue, then find the connector for the RPM sensor (sounds like it is
> driver's side near the O2 sensor connector).  Then look at/swap out the
> brake light switch.
> ---
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