[V8] Short to (+) Intake Air Temp Sensor

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Jun 22 18:57:02 EDT 2005

I hope you have a wiring diagram...

If a ground is open - then the ECU can read that as a "short to 12v".
These kind of problems can be really hard to track down - but by the number of
fail codes you get, I suspect wire or connector problems. It would be unlikely
to have so many parts fail at once.


Quoting Andy Schor <walbum at earthlink.net>:

> Greetings Gents,
> If you remember the "no, Officer" thread, I have been having an intermittent
> condition of surging (revving) at idle along with (but not at the same time)
> a situation where the CEL is lit and the car runs rough (with an abrupt
> on/off throttle).  The code reader says, "00523 Short to Positive, Intake
> Air Temperature Sensor".  This has been replaced as well as ISV, O2 sensor,
> knock sensor and associated connectors.  The condition will become evident
> immediately upon starting, usually when warm (but not always).  I have
> noticed that when it is in the CEL mode (limp home?) the idle doesn't surge.
> Most of the time the car drives fine, the condition comes and goes although
> it seems more likely on a warm restart.  Of course yesterday after a few
> good stop and starts, I got the CEL mode for the ride home.  I parked in
> front of the house, turned it off and back on (which I had tried earlier)
> and it fired up with no CEL.
> I have tried (with limited success) checking the connectors in the front for
> the offending sensor(s), but they get kind of hot and I didn't want to burn
> my fingers (again).
> All thought and suggestions appreciated,
> Andy Schor
> '91 V8QM
> '91 Avant
> (Either or both soon to be for sale)
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