[V8] Re: RADIO RECEPTION/ antenna issues

Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 14 07:09:21 EST 2005

your V8 silver jack ?  just curious, I was behind a silver one this morning
in front of Bertucci's in Nashua today :)


J123fs at aol.com wrote:
> Hey all,
> I just replaced my external antenna on my 91 V8. 
> Crutchfield buy far has the best selection of antennae in stock. The local  
> high end radio shop I frequent doesn't even stock em anymore.
> I replaced my now dead power mast with a generic Italian made Zendar non  
> power unit (no, not the spoiler co.) and reception is spot on whereas the  
> Heirsmann? power unit had a lot of trouble pulling in Boston stations here in  
> southern NH. I do not have that problem now. 
> I also bought an external signal amp from Crutchfield that is a definite  
> step up from the junk available on Ebay or at the local radio shack/circuit  
> city/generic electronic store.  It also helped pulling in distant  stations a lot.
> And after looking at the situation someone who is relatively handy could  use 
> the old cell antenna hole for an external mast if they no longer use the  
> phone. 
> My car came with a driver side rear hole, so I do not have issues, but  
> running the long extension to the head unit might be a bit of fun (sarcasm, as I  
> have done it, and it wasn't fun) , a good garage type project for snowy day 
> like  today here in NH.
> My own car has the fact. cell antenna, the drivers side external mast and a  
> third center mast mounted above the rear window for XM ( which is THE BEST,  
> period), though I have been accused by friends of having the rear of the  car 
> look like a state troopers with all the masts....but I'm pretty sure no  
> troopers have a 91 V8 with 17's on it! : -) 
> Bored and watching the snow fall again in NH.
> -Jack
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