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Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Fri Nov 18 16:36:31 EST 2005

By RPM sensor do you mean the G28 Engine Speed Sender?   It shares a
mounting with the G4 Ignition Reference Sender?   They're both on the right
hand side of the engine, viewed from in front of the car, buried behind a
heat shield that's protecting them from the exhaust piping on that side.

To test, you can disconnect them from their respective wiring harness
connectors, which are buried beneath all the air intake plumbing.   None of
this stuff is easy to get to unless you have long, thin limbs.

The connectors are gray (G28) and black (G4).

The G4 is the classic hard-hot-start sensor.  It's my understanding the
engine isn't supposed to start/run if the G28 is faulty.  It can start with
a faulty G4 as long as it's not hot and run thereafter.

At 07:39 PM 11/18/2005 +0000, Peter Littlewood wrote:
>is it possible to see  the RPM sensor with the engine in place and without 
>the use of Xray vision?
>I've been told its close to the TDC sensor.
>I spent hours peering through holes today with my trusty maglite
>I need to test it as I suspect it to be at fault
>The car starts fine from cold runs fine untill it starts to get warm 
>(between 5 and 15min) then cuts out the fuel pump and probably the ignition 
>aswell (although I haven't checked this).
>The car will turn over but will not power the fuel pump relay. Whilst 
>cranking the engine the needle on the tacho doesn't move at all.
>As soon as the engine is cold then it starts first time.
>Any advice would be gratefully recieved and may prevent premature 
>does anyone have any tips on DIY fault diagnostis VAG COM or similar?
>thinking of trying to get my car and PC to talk to each other. to try and 
>help me with ABS fault...
>but thats another story!!!!!
>Many thanks
>P.S the car has been stood for nearly a year....
>1991 V8Q 3.6 (PT) Auto
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