[V8] Ever wonder why the newer Audis (and other cars) are sooo heavy?

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> So does Csaba  Csere of Car and Driver is his musings from October of  
> last  year:

>  http://www.caranddriver.com/columns/9981/the-steering-column.html

>  I wish Audi did.  People have been talking about Audi not getting   
> their marketing strategy right -- but even with a great strategy,  

> List we've had a lively discussion about Audi's support (or  lack  
> thereof) for Urqs and future values of the newer cars and  Audi's  
> marketing strategy.

I keep Bloomberg Live in the  background as I work, and as I looked up the
bottom banner was reporting  that VW/Audi expects record breaking profits
for 2006.  Not much  incentive to change, and one hulluva coincidence.  ;-)

That record breaking profit view of theirs is very myopic. Anybody can jab  
the customer in the $$$ short term and laugh all the way to the bank. They  
better enjoy it cause they won't make many trips. Long term it will come back on  
them and their market share will drop dramatically.
Long term steady growth is always better for my money. As many have said  
here already, they don't fully understand marketing, merchandising, and  branding.
It would appear that genuine care for the customer/consumer is a lost art.  


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