[V8] Stebro kills The Black Mariah?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Fri Aug 4 09:25:02 EDT 2006

At 08:56 AM 8/4/2006 -0400, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
>I have thought about this.  And this is a viable option at this point.  I am
>not thrilled at the thought of trying (again) to get one of the little shops
>around who do muffler and exhaust work to work on my car.  One of them
>simply refuses to work on Audis, and the other is of unknown capability.

Check again with the shop that "refuses to work on Audis" and impress upon
them that you're not concerned about whether the exhaust system "sounds
right", but rather that it makes no noise.  A lot of Audi "enthusiasts"
have badgered muffler shops into installing non-OEM stuff to save a buck or
two and then expressed disappointment that the results didn't make enough
"sporty" sounds.  The guy who put the two glasspacks and used silencer on
my car wouldn't work on Audis either until I guaranteed him he wouldn't
have to take off whatever he put on if I didn't like the "sound".  I said I
wanted it "muffled" so as to be unobtrusive to the occupants and unnoticed
by the cops, and he agreed he could do that easily and inexpensively.  It's
the folks who want that certain sound from their exhaust that have turned
muffler shops off.

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