[V8] V8 bumpers on a 200? doable?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Fri Aug 4 18:44:02 EDT 2006

I just pulled a fender off my 200q20v (mit bent fender) and stuck on a V8
fender.  The V8 fender comes up short in several ways.  While its top holes
all line up with the inner fender screw sites, the bottom behind the wheel
ends at about what would be where the top of the flat black trim piece goes
on the 200 fender.  The V8's rocker panel extends farther forward than the
200's, so the bottom of the front fender attaches higher.  The V8 fender
also is short on the front.  It doesn't come anywhere close to matching up
with the 200's fender supports.

The front of the 200's frame rails are sufficiently different from the V8's
to require a significant amount of cutting/welding to provide attachment
points for the V8 bumper while retaining the crosspiece that strengthens
the 200 frame and serves as an anchor for the intercooler pipe.

Guess my plans to V8ize the front of my 200q20v avant will have to be cut
back to only involve installing the V8 hood.

Anyone need some V8 fenders and a bumper?

At 04:40 PM 8/4/2006 -0400, jesper moreau wrote:
>the flare of the V8 bumper will exceed the flare of the 200 (I'm assuming it
>is a 200 20v with the flares). So either you live with the step from bumper
>to fender or do body work to make it match or do the V8 front end
>On 8/4/06, JordanVw at aol.com <JordanVw at aol.com> wrote:
>> In a message dated 8/4/06 4:47:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>> jesper5ktqm.audi at gmail.com writes:
>> Yes doable - with the addition of the hood, clip, fenders and lights, it
>> will match up beautifully.
>> well, i just want to swap the bumpers...  can i just put the V8 bumpers on
>> a 200 without swapping anything else?  i dont want the V8 headlights,
>> grille, fenders or hood.  just the V8 bumpers...

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