[V8] Even more interesting eBay Auction....

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 11:43:42 EDT 2006

Has anyone every seen a silver 92-93 4.2 car?

That is my real want.  I've seen one, on eBay, a '92 in NE that was not
reassuring.  Plus it had grey interior.  I want black with my silver (just
to be really picky).

On 8/11/06, Tony and Lillie <tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Subject: [V8] Even more interesting eBay Auction....
> > While you have beend drooling over the Ragusa '93 V8, have you also been
> > drooling over the "gunmetal" colored '93 in Idaho?
> >
> > IF this car came from Audi in this color, then it would most likely be
> > "Nautic Metallic", I think.  This is indeed a rare color for this car,
> and
> > this one, with only 72,000 miles showing, might be the car to
> > buy...assuming
> > one was looking, of course!
> >
> > I continue to be struck by how well the V8 "wears".  What other 1993
> cars
> > are so pleasing to see on the road?  Maybe its because there aren't a
> > gazillion of them I suppose, but compared to other, rather unflashy cars
> > like Toyota Camry's, the V8 still looks remarkably contemporary and,
> well,
> > simply handsome, in my opinion.  For that matter, how readily are 1993 C
> > Class Mercedes recognized?  For me anyway, not very.
> >
> > Speaking of which, I was driving to Blue Hill last week when I met a
> line
> > of
> > cars coming toward me.  Third in line was a mid 1980's W123 Mercedes
> > coupe.
> > Undoubtedly a 300CD-T, this car looked absolutely stunning behind the
> > Subaru
> > and the "me-too-Japanesee" something that preceeded it in line.
> >
> > What a handsome car that five cylinder turbo diesel five passenger coupe
> > was, and still is.  It was made when Mercedes was still largely hand
> > assembling them, and was made as a "generational" car...capable of being
> > passed from one generation to another a manufacturing philosophy that
> > Mercedes officially abandoned in the early 1990's.
> >
> > But this one, obviously someone's "summer" car, was simply outstanding
> in
> > a
> > sea of blandness.
> >
> > Roger
> >
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Interestingly enough, I watch all V8's (and 4000's) on Ebay, as I list a
> lot
> of stuff and am on there a lot. On that note, there have only been about
> three that come to mind over the last year. One is this one in Idaho,
> which
> is very captivating to me. The other two were a silver one up therer in
> the
> northeast that was repainted and the trim matched. The other was in Las
> vegas, Silver with S4 wheeels and a Black interior. There are a lot of
> nice
> ones, like the green one that people are talking about, but certain ones
> stand out to me. Oh, and boy are they getting cheap!!
> Anyhow, antoher car that has captured my attention locally is a very clean
> 1976 240D. This car has been in a garage all it's life, and it shows 61k.
> Looks brand new, $3000. Very distinctive and beautiful.
> Tony Hoffman
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