[V8] brakes...

rmwoodbury at adelphia.net rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 13 10:35:24 EDT 2006

Having had two V8's ('90 and '93:  each with G60s) I have never really understood why people want to change them to something else at great cost.  The G60's are adequate, although not great.

Since you had a 200 20v, I assume that you had UFO's.  I currently have The Black Mariah which has UFO's and without question, I doubt that any Audi aside from the most recent ones have had brakes that are even close to the shear stopping power of a UFO equipped vehicle.

Still and all, the cost of changing to something else is measured in thousands of dollars.  The brake kit itself is one thing, but there is precious little available that will allow a change without changing tires and wheels.  

When I had the '93V8, which was the V8 that I put the most miles on, I sometimes wondered if the brakes were a tad "soft"...in the end, the car stopped fine, although I would have appreciated something that "felt" a bit stronger.  

But the cost of a brake upgrade will be close to the cost of the car at this point, and I wonder if it is really necessary, short of competition.  


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