[V8] O2 R&R

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Tue Aug 15 20:46:33 EDT 2006

I cut the wires and used a deep socket, 1/2" drive and a 2-foot breaker bar
with another couple feet of pipe over the handle to get my first V8 O2
sensor out.  A real PITA lying on your back with the car on jackstands.
The sensor was so fixed in place it left its threads in the exhaust bung.
I then had to get a thread chaser and clean out the threads before I could
install the new sensor.

At 11:55 PM 8/15/2006 +0000, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>Well until now PB Blaster has never failed me.  Heat no real help yet!  
>Given the nearness of the tranny lines I can not really get an 02 socket and 
>handle on it.  Any BTDT's?  Netx step os to cut it in half and grab it with 
>a 6 point box end.  (I can't get one on now as the Tranny cooler line sits 
>virtually on top of the 02 and will not allow the box inbetwen, open end 
>side is just ready to strip it)

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