[V8] Speedo Problem

Dave Lancaster davel at netsteward.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 10:10:34 EDT 2006

The bouncing speedo problem is probably not the sensor but erosion of the
connector pins that attach the speedo head to the instrument binnacle's
printed circuit board.

This can sometimes be confirmed by tapping the instrument glass while the
speedo is bouncing. If the needle steadies, you are close to the cause!

You need to strip the binnacle and carefully release the screws that hold
the speedo dial in place. You will notice four pins that are the connectors.
Clean these up. I used an aerosol of 'Deoxit' to clean the contacts. Also
bending them slightly might improve the connection. As an alternative to
deoxit, there is a very expensive substance available from VW dealers (can't
recall it's actual name) but it does the same thing.

Reassemble and clean all other connectors while you are in there. I have
also cured the system check display 'checkerboard' problem in the past by
cleaning contacts.

Dave Lancaster
Worcestershire UK
1990 V8Q with interstellar miles recorded
2000 A8L current day to day cruiser


>>Having an intermittent speedo problem. Remember that someone had
>>similar problem and replaced a speed sensor? Where is this sensor,
>>anyone sourced one recently?

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