[V8] Hydraulic pump shaft

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Aug 16 20:37:34 EDT 2006

See   http://www.pbase.com/kneale_brownson/image/31559742    and the next
couple pix after it.

I've resealed several pumps.   The ones where I replaced the front seal
instead of just doing the various O-Rings have provided extended service.
The one now on my 200q20v has been going for about three years now.  The
one on our V8 #1 has been running dry for at least two years.   The one on
V8 #2  hasn't leaked since I reinstalled it this spring at the end of the
timing belt job.  I did one on a 5ktq that sat a couple years and has been
running the last 18 months with no reported leaks.  Just talked yesterday
to the guy who bought the car and got it running again.

At 04:44 PM 8/16/2006 -0700, Jason Bass wrote:
>Anybody have experience pressing the hydraulic
>pump shaft out and replacing the bearing and seal?
>I'm assuming I need to find a shop w/ a press to 
>do it. But has anyone actually succeeded in resealing
>the pump for more than six months?
>Thanks -Jason 
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