[V8] NAC: Auto transporters?

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Thu Aug 17 12:11:45 EDT 2006

Wow, what a beautiful car - I have always been smitten with the looks of the Esprit.

The only thing that prevents me from purchasing one is my experience with British vehicles has been less than spectacular.  I've owned a '98 Range Rover (most expensive car on earth to maintain), and a Jag (not too far behind the Range Rover).  They both were love/hate relationships - loved them when they worked, hated them when they didn't...unfortunatley I seemed to spend more time hating them.  The biggest issue for me was they were down right unreliable.  I think the happiest car day I've ever had was the day I sold the Range Rover!  :)

Hopefully the Lotus is a tad more reliable than the other British brands! 

90 V8q - she just turned over 200k and is as fun to drive as the day I bought her...although I continue to look, I have yet to find a suitable replacement.

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From: "Karl D. Middlebrooks" <coalblacksmith at gmail.com>
> Even though I'm afraid my beloved V8's will be jealous, I couldn't 
> resist the lure of an old Lotus Esprit Turbo SE (1990, so it at least 
> graduated at the same time as two of the V8's), in Jacksonville, FL. The 
> thing is, I'm in Oregon, and while I love roadtrips, the maintenance 
> intervals on the Lotus are short enough that I don't wanna put 5k miles 
> on it just to get it home, nor do I want it to experience some serious 
> problem while I'm driving through  southern Utah.
> Anyone here have a recommendation on an auto transporter to use (or 
> particular ones to avoid)? I'd certainly appreciate any input, though I 
> might be branded a traitor for buying British this time :)
> For those interested in what kind of trouble I've gotten myself into: 
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=22001531338
> 3&ih=012&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT
> Karl
> '90 V8Q x2
> '93 V8Q
> '02 A6QA 3.0 (the girlfriend's ride)
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