[V8] NAC: Auto transporters?

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 17 13:53:08 EDT 2006

I would give Bruce a call. He might know some reliable ones. Or call any 
place that deals with rare/exotic cars...

Jeremy Ward wrote:
> I graduated in '92, however the first date I ever went on (double date
> actually) was to see Pretty Woman in 1990.  Remember what Richard Gere was
> driving in that movie? :-)
> I picked up my other 3 friends in my '85 4Runner - www.MyV8Q.com/pics/85.jpg
> I only went on 1 date with that girl (INXS was playing in the tape player),
> who turned out to be more of a friend than a girlfriend.  A few years later
> she bought herself an '87 4Runner, same color as mine.  I guess my car had a
> bigger impact on her than I did!  ;-)
> Congrats on the cool Lotus Karl, and thanks for the trip down memory lane.
> - Jeremy (who sold the pristine and reliable '85 4Runner to buy the V8Q...)
> P.S. Don't forget Kevin's excellent write up:
> ----------------------------------------------
> Speaking from 14 years experience towing and transporting cars, here is
> possibly a few helpful hints.  Most larger transport companies are going to
> use a ratchet/chain assembly to tie cars down with.  These Audis have a spot
> in the frame for a "T" hook tiedown, it may be covered up with mud, grime,
> and undercoating, but it is there.  And, there may also be a black plug
> covering the hole.  I have towed, and shipped several Audis, and it can be
> done without damaging the cars.  You do have to be careful, but it can be
> done.  The other method involves wheel straps tiedowns, but, most larger
> transport trucks do not have an option for these.  The best location on the
> trailer to avoid damage is in the lower front belly of the trailer.  In this
> location it will probably get very dirty,and may have oil from the top car
> drip on it but, it will avoid all the low hanging branches, trees, bridges,
> rock chips, and whatever else is flying through the air at 60 mph.  DO NOT
> put a car cover on the car for the transport, the flapping of the cover (no
> matter how well it is secured) will abolutely destroy the paint.  Any
> respectable company will do a before and after vehicle inspection report,
> this will list all existing damage, mileage, equipment, etc., if they don't
> do it, do it yourself, and get the driver to sign off on it.  This is a good
> way to protect yourself if the unit arrives with damages, you now have some
> proof of the condition of the car prior to shipping.  Also something to keep
> in mind, most of these guys are paid a flat rate to the driver, and, it
> often is not very much, so they may not have a burning desire to keep as
> close an eye on your car as you want, tipping them prior to shipping to keep
> an extra vigilant eye on it might work, or, if possible, find an
> "owner/operator" driver, these guys own the truck and trailer, and it
> directly affects them if there is damages, they might be a little more
> careful.
> Kind of a long note, but, some things to keep in mind.
> Kevin
> kevin kyzar
> readytow at earthlink.net
> EarthLink Revolves Around You.
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> Even though I'm afraid my beloved V8's will be jealous, I couldn't 
> resist the lure of an old Lotus Esprit Turbo SE (1990, so it at least 
> graduated at the same time as two of the V8's), in Jacksonville, FL. The 
> thing is, I'm in Oregon, and while I love roadtrips, the maintenance 
> intervals on the Lotus are short enough that I don't wanna put 5k miles 
> on it just to get it home, nor do I want it to experience some serious 
> problem while I'm driving through  southern Utah.
> Anyone here have a recommendation on an auto transporter to use (or 
> particular ones to avoid)? I'd certainly appreciate any input, though I 
> might be branded a traitor for buying British this time :)
> For those interested in what kind of trouble I've gotten myself into: 
> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=2200153
> 13383&ih=012&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT
> Karl
> '90 V8Q x2
> '93 V8Q
> '02 A6QA 3.0 (the girlfriend's ride)
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