[V8] Back on the road!

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Tue Aug 22 19:50:31 EDT 2006

What bearings?

At 11:21 PM 8/22/2006 +0000, bkrddrvs at comcast.net wrote:
>Just wanted to tell any and all of you - Thanks!
>After more than 3 months, I finally got my 1993 back on the road.  And to 
>all of you out there who haven't had the opportunity to drive a V8Q in a 
>while, it is a real treat.  I kinda forgot how pleasuable they are to drive, 
>but after my wife and I had to deal with a 1998 Discovery - by the way, 
>105,000 miles -  40,000 in the 4 years I have owned it,  and nothing major 
>except replacing a oil pan gasket, tires and lightbulbs, and it needs a 
>front main seal - I really appreciate the power, control and ride of my V8.  
>If you recall, in April, it quit running with 121,000 - 59,000 since a 
>timing belt - and after the help from you all, I thought it had slipped a 
>tooth on the right (passanger) bank.  Yeah, more like six teeth.  Of course, 
>valves were bent so I asked around, and found a shop in Spokane familiar 
>with V8's.  They had 3 around the shop when I visited them.  They fixed it 
>up and it runs better than new.  No noises from the front of the engine - I 
>had already replaced bearings, etc., before I determined it needed more than 
>my skills to get it running.  
>Anyway,  thanks to you all.  We determined it as probably a failed bearing 
>that started it all, so if you hear a lot of "rattle" coming from the front 
>of the engine, don't wait too long to get things fixed - I did and it cost 
>me $2950.
>Rich Ehlert - grinning again.
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