[V8] any one parting out or salvaging a 93 to 95 V8

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Subject: Re: [V8] any one parting out or salvaging a
93 to 95 V8
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Yes, they do. Most of them are gone-destroyed. I cut
the brake vents 
off and 
just have them now. Someone had talked about making
them out of 
carbon-fiber, but I haven't heard of it in a while.

Tony Hoffman

 Yah I was thinking of doing this but it never got off
the ground. But....
I do have a source now that can make them. I can ask
if there is SERIOUSE intrest.
So who would be interested????

90 CQ 2.6l 20vt stroker project
90 v8q 3.6 not stock..Urs8
93 v8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"
93 v8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"..part due

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