[V8] Sorry for the rant....

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Mon Dec 17 23:37:33 PST 2007

No worries as far as I'm concerned ... I know I've certainly BTDT myself!

FYI, that lamp check module has no relays, it just has some chunks of metal
which are very low value resistors that develop a very small voltage drop
when the lights are on.  There's a IC in the module that looks for a voltage
drop on both circuits, and if it sees drop on one side and not the other it
assumes a bulb is burned out and sends the warning.  If you say this module
has a smell of being overheated, I'd think this is yet another sign that a
PO ran higher wattage bulbs in the headlamps ... and for it to cook the
sensor, I'd say seriously overrated bulbs ... 

It still amazes me what people will do to these cars and think they are
improving them ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Hey, I hope everyone can disregard my tirade last night about the  
wiring thing....I violated my own policy on Tequila and  
emailing.....Anyway, I was looking thru the wiring diagrams (thank  
you Mr. Cobram for posting those on your site)...and realized that  
the front lamp control module(or what my panel calls a "bulb  
monitor" (relay #7 in auxillary relay panel 1), appears to be a relay  
for the low beams....and it smells a little baked....As I have only  
rudimentary knowledge of electronics....was wondering if a fried  
relay could have caused the switch connector meltdown, or bad  
connector fried the relay...doesn't really matter as I obviously need  
both.  While at the dealer looking into a replacement connector(which  
I can't believe was available - $24), I looked down and there was a  
bag of small car keychains that caught my eye....http:// 
V8keychain.jpg....There are 11 of them and she pretty much gave them  
to me as she said I'm the only one in the county that would want one 
(they only have a record of 3 V8's in county).  First 10 people who  
email me their address, I'll send them out....Merry christmas...Tom

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