[V8] Timing Belt job

J123fs at aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Thu Jul 3 07:02:01 PDT 2008

Hi Gents,
Looking for some collective wisdom here regarding  doing my TB on my  91:  3 
1. Should I do the belt myself? (time involved for a experianced  mechanic??) 
2. Best place in NE Mass. to have it done. - Let me qualify this, as I'm  not 
going to go to the local stealership  (IRA) north of Boston, or the one  
other close Audi/Porsche specialist who I have had bad dealings with.
   Another lister said I should contact Ron W.....you  interested?
3. Most recent costs for TB job? No front seals, just WP as they where done  
last time at quite an expense.
The car needs it timing belt done in about 10K (which means by the end  of 
the summer if I'm doing it)and I'm pondering doing it myself. BUT -  I have no 
issues doing it other than the time aspect as I'm finishing a  massive house 
rehab along with my road race car sitting unloved with  my hillclimb/AX car 
doing the same....not to mention the two kids I like to play  with and well, my 
wife.....I think you get the picture - Zero time -
So, I'm not sure if I want to waste a weekend (my best estimate) doing it  
rather than just forking over the cash. Ultimately the money isn't the issue  
(though it factors), I just want it done right, on time, and at the estimated  
cost. The last two belt changes failed on all fronts I just mentioned. So, I  
want to do it myself in order to get it done right, but I also really need the  
house done and my labor applied there more than the $$ to do the car. Hence 
my  dilemma. 
Opinions welcome.
Happy Forth !!!
Jack in Mass.

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