[V8] Not guilty by virtue of insanity!

Radek radek at istar.ca
Sat Jul 11 20:27:44 PDT 2009

In a fit of insanity, I just bought another V8.  Reason: owner was threatening to send it to the wrecker before going on vacation on Monday.  I just had to do it.

The good:  1993 V8Q, 265,000 km (165,000 miles), runs;  passed emissions a few months ago without a problem (have a printout); nearly new center muffler (OEM).

The bad:  
- knocking sound from the passenger-side head, sounds like a lifter but who knows; 
- one tire punctured and rim scratched;  
- car was repainted, rust starts showing from underneath. The new paint is ugly, cream-yellowish, not nearly as nice as the pearl white that's underneath;
- interior is dirty;
- no radio;
- drains the battery;
- e-brake not operational.

What should I do:

1. Swap the 4.2 into my 91 5-sp? The condition of the 4.2 is still unknown;

2. Put my 5-sp transmission into the 93, auto into the 91 and sell it?  Who would buy it though?

3. Save as many parts from the 93 as I can store and send the car to the wrecker?  Perhaps swap G60 brakes into my car or sell them?

Do you guys see any other options?  All ideas will be welcome.  I don't think the car is a keeper, I really don't like automatics.

BTW, the defense of insanity worked for me, didn't even have to sleep on the couch!


91 V8Q 5-sp
93 V8Q

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