[V8] My DREAM wagon? PuhLEEEEEZE!

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Sun Jul 12 10:39:13 PDT 2009

Jeez, what's with you guys.  I merely mention the hidden value in a very
nice Mercedes 300SD, and I am automatically assaulted or considered hungry
for another W123 or W126 car!  


Nope.  Nope. Did I say: NO?


I love my V8.  I really like my V8 a whole LOT.  I cannot improve on my V8
with anything built either before or since, unless it was another V8 that
was at least as nice as, and had at least as few miles as, MY V8?  


Now, I admit that I have always wanted to have a 300CD coupe, IF I could
find the right car in the right color with the right miles at a price that I
could afford.  As it happens, there is a "right" car for sale on eBay right
now, but it is comfortably more than seven thousand dollars more than it
should be.  Nope.  


I would like to find another V8, though. One with about 60,000 original
miles like mine was, preferably one from the Midwest, but then, figure the
odds. Right now there is nothing available on the market (and I have
looked).  In fact, there are very few V8's available period.  


Incidentally, I went into the Audi dealer in Bangor this past week.  I asked
if they had any inventory of parts for the V8, and was told that their
inventory of Audi parts was very small, and tightly controlled. Sorry.  


I didn't figure that I would find anything. That dealer wasn't even an Audi
dealer when the V8 was new, so I didn't think that a Ford dealer that sort
of sold Audis and VW's would have much, and at least about that I wasn't


Tomorrow is a big day.  The V8 goes to the wrench for an oil change service
and a new inspection sticker.  While it is there the wrench will trouble
shoot the ABS, install a new cruise control thingy, and replace the small
gears in the speedometer so that the odometer will resume working again.
Also, a new "bomb" is being put in, and if we get all the things done once
and for all, we will be nearly 100% operational.  Yay!


But I still would like to have a nice 300SD for a long distance car once
upon a time, maybe, but probably not. 


I probably shouldn't mention the affection that I have for 1932 Rolls Royce
Shooting Brakes, either, I don't suppose.  (Mulliner Park Ward, of course!)



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