[V8] Audi V8 speedometer

justin.bowers at comcast.net justin.bowers at comcast.net
Thu Jul 16 10:13:14 PDT 2009

Greetings Roger, 

I have one! 

It is conveniently attached to a great looking 1990 V8q. :) 

I would be happy to arrange shipping, but please note that the speedometer comes still attached to the 1990 V8q that I would love to see in your loving care. 


01 S8 
90 V8q 

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Here is an update. Just for chuckles and grins I asked my dealer if they 
could access a new speedometer from Audi. First of all the parts guy.who is 
relatively young and new to the dealership.tried to tell me that it was for 
an Audi 90. "No," I corrected. "It is a 1990, V8 Quattro." 

Long pause. 

"Well," he said. "It shows me that it is considered obsolete. So I can't 
get one. And only the entire cluster was available". 

I knew the part about the cluster because I found that out when my first 
Audi V8 dash lights failed due to a broken dimmer switch. Then the cost of 
a new cluster was $1150, exchange. But today I was told the price of a 
cluster IF it was available was over $1700. 

So the search continues. Force 5 has one for a hundred bucks. I am still 
hoping that I will find someone with a speedometer that has fewer than 80k 
on it by itself. 

My wife is having shoulder surgery next week so neither of us is going much 
of anyplace for a week or two, and my V8 will sit at the wrench's for a 
while, while we get it fully sorted since I don't need the car right now at 
all. We will take time to find the right stuff and get it sorted once and 
for all. 

Any speedometers out there? 


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