[V8] Oooops, don't do this

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Thu Jul 23 21:51:38 PDT 2009

Hey, just because that jug of oil looks like a half gallon, don't  
assume that.  I did the first oil change on the 5-speed today, and  
dumped 2 jugs of Penzoil(on sale for $11.50) in, then was surprised  
when it was overfilled.....saw that it was a 5 quart jug.  I've  
recently bought 10 jugs for truck/other cars that were all 4  
quart....didn't even think to look.  Ran it for 15 seconds, then  
rechecked.  Since my '90 seems to like 9 quarts(middle of the range  
on the stick), I thought I'd just remove/drain the filter.  When I  
did, the oil was dirty.  I usually fill the filter before installing,  
but didn't to "fill the void".  Still too much. By the way, the  
threaded nipple on filter housing was 1/2 way out(someone's previous  
post and just hand tightened it)...Drained it again....still dirty/ 
still too full.  Pulled the plug and carefully let out another quart/ 
reused my new crush washer and retorqued it a bit tighter.  Now it's  
right on the 1/2 way mark.  Felt kinda good after the fact to get  
that extra dirty oil out of there that I'm guessing was stuck in the  
head/oil retention valve system/wherever.....I had to clean up the  
underside, as the car has NO oil leakage, and had to bring it back to  
it's pristine state after my messy screwup.....I'll read the jugs  
next time(and buy more of these while they're on sale)......Tom

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