[V8] Cash for Clunkers

Fri Jul 24 12:40:10 PDT 2009

Funny, it shows my 92 as having an avg of 15mpg


And I don't care if Chrysler tripled the rebate, it would still be a 
Chrysler. For me, I enjoy the exclusivity of the v8 Quattro. It's not about 
gas mileage, or cost of ownership for me. In my opinion, if you can't turn a 
wrench, you shouldn't own one anyway, as the cost to put it in the shop and 
pay some one to learn to work on it would be ridiculous.

FYI, just paid the dealer $116us for a pair of headlight/ fender gaskets, 
and couldn't have been happier  :)

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> All true - But, in fact the V8 is on the list of approved cars it's
> official EPA ratings is 17 combined (18 is the cutoff) - and the tipping 
> point
> for me is that Chrysler will double the credit- ergo- 7000- 9000 dollars 
> off
> sticker.
> Running an old car like the V8 to me is not about the milage issue to
> rationalize replacement, but because I like it.
> That said, the car is not getting any younger and the litany of things 
> that
> likely will need fixing in the future always grows (like the electrics)
> unlike a  new car that likely won't need too much for the first 100K. 
> Lately I
> really need  the time for my kids and the race cars, not fixing my daily
> transport.
> Pondering hard in rainy Ma.
> Jack
> You know there are "rules" for getting the $4500 credit right?
> Namely this biggest one is that the car you have now has to get  LESS
> than 18MPG d to even qualify, then presuming it does, the car  you
> replace it with has to get a min of 5 MPG more. That said I'm  fairly
> sure your 91 gets better than the combined 18 to qualify.
> And  even then, you're talking about spending lets say 20K, just to get a
> 4500  credit? That's 16,5 financed over 5yrs or about $250.00/mth; not to
> mention  that you have to have full coverage insurance on your pretty new
> penny.. all  to save 5MPG - This is a stimulus to get people back into
> buying BIG things.  And as a afterthought to help lessen our dependency
> on oil.
> But I  gotta tell you, you're NOT going to get anything near the quality
> of your 91  for 20K. Remember these cars were 50K+, 20years ago. Even
> then - if you can  dedicate a monthly $350 payment into maintaining the
> 91 - not only would it  be pristine; but you'd almost never think of
> selling it.
> Of course I  might be delusional, but I don't think so and many here I
> bet would  agree.  I drive my V8's by choice, not because it was a least
> cost  solution or it was going to be cool to have one.
> Just my $0.02.
> -Scott P
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