[V8] Phaeton anyone?

Etdmail at cs.com Etdmail at cs.com
Mon Nov 2 15:06:43 PST 2009

These are impressive looking cars.

Sitting in a parking lot they look a cut above most others.
The interior and exterior designs and fitments do all look 
the luxury part ..

And the drive and feel for the most part do not disappoint.
My experience was not with the W12 though .. I'm sure it
would add to its' performance.

The car is based on Bentley underpinnings contrary to one of
the entries in the Wiki link. I too, would steer clear of the W12.
There are good reasons why the Phaeton and the Passat W8 
were not well received in their markets. 

Also, the VW Touareg is largely Porsche Cayenne derrived.
Initially it too, suffered with many disabling reliability issues.
Which have been mitigated in the later gas and TDI models.

Hopefully, they will get one right out of the box soon!




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