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I did replace the oil pump, this did't help, is the pressure relief valve in
the oil pump.
The only thing I have done that helped is replacing the vacuum pump.  I did
a little play in the intermediate shaft.  If it was that bearing possibly
that caused
my vacuum pump reciever to wear?  Still doesn't explain the good oil
when cold?


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> I have about 3000 miles on a rebuilt 1.6NA.  Recently the oil light
>  flashing at idle.  I replaced the oil pump, vacuum pump, and senders.  I
>  also installed an oil pressure gauge.  When I am driving the pressure is
>  typically 15 - 24 psi, but averages about 17 psi.  Is this OK?  I have
>  SAE 30 and 20w40 oil both give about the same pressure.  The first 5
>  till I warm up I have strong oil pressure (20 to 40 psi) but when the
>  gauge climbs to about the halfway point to pressure goes down.  Should I
>  concerned?
  My Rabbit would drop to about 80+ psi when at a hot idle, with 15W/40.
I replaced the oil pump on the Jetta when it dropped below about 20 psi
@ 2000 rpm.  It maxed at about 40 psi.  Without a hydraulic head and/or
a turbo, I'd expect to see pressures around 80 psi.  Lower is fine but even
with a turbo you should see pretty consistent 40 psi readings at any engine
speed above an idle.
  Were the intermediate shaft bearings replaced?  :O  This is what's scary
about having these engines rebuilt.  Too many shops want to put more
clearance on the bearings and the bore than these engines are supposed
to have.  :(  When something like this happens you're then unsure whether
someone messed up, something's failed or if a bypass valve is stuck open.
Other than bad clearances, or bearings you could have a stuck open
pressure relief in the oil pump.


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