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Wed Apr 3 02:17:02 EST 2002

In a message dated 4/2/2002 12:52:58 PM Pacific Standard Time,
kysard55 at suscom.net writes:

> I did replace the oil pump, this didn't help, is the pressure relief valve
>  the oil pump.

  Yes, the relief is in the pickup/lid portion of the oil pump.

>  The only thing I have done that helped is replacing the vacuum pump.  I did
>  notice
>  a little play in the intermediate shaft.  If it was that bearing possibly
>  that caused
>  my vacuum pump receiver to wear?  Still doesn't explain the good oil
>  pressure when cold?

  On these engines, good, cold oil pressure is about double of what you're
seeing.  I had a 100 PSI gauge on my Rabbit.  With over 100,000 on all
the bearings, it still slammed the gauge when cold and backed off to
80 - 100 psi when hot and at an idle.
  If replacing the vacuum pump helped the pressure then I would be
suspicious of the intermediate bearings.  A new/different vacuum
pump would put a different load on the int. bearings which could
cause a change in pressure, if it was leaking out past those bearings.  :(
  This seems to be becoming a fairly commonly overlooked part on
overhauls.  :(

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