[Vwdiesel] Diesels F/S

David Ratzlaff truedav at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 3 19:34:52 EST 2002

The following diesels are in my local salvage yard,
and I pass this info along for anyone out West who
might be interested; this yard is at LaGrande, OR.
1986 VW Jetta TD, 150K, good body, very good interior,
engine has bad rod and head gasket.

1983 Audi 5000 TD, 106K, good body, very good leather
interior, engine has poor copmpression (averages
around 280).

1982 VW Jetta dsl, 180K, 2-door, sunroof, fairly good
body, pretty rough interior, engine has poor
compression (averages around 320).

1980 Audi 5000, NA, 5-speed trans, 136K, engine has
sat for 10 years w/ injectors and glow plugs out,
pretty good body, pretty good cloth interior, but
smells musty.

Also, I have an '83 Quantum TD, 5-spd, unknown
mileage, engine runs but has excessive blowby; and an
83 Audi 5000 TD parts car. I also know of an abandoned
83 Audi 5000, says "TD" on the back, but engine does
not have a turbo on it, but does have the aneroid TD
injection pump on it. This car is near Walla Walla,
WA, at a college parking lot, and seems to have been
there awhile.
OK - if anyone would want the # for the salvage yard:
B&K Auto Salvage, 541-963-6744 or 800-233-9640. I can
help with pretty specific info on any of the above

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