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Gerry gerry.wolfe at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 4 11:38:41 EST 2002

I have the Stanadyne filter, which incorporates the heater.

Stanadyne has a very modular system.  Main part is the "head", which has two inlets & two outlets.  There is an opening on the top, which can (optionally) contain a "coarse" filter or a heater (main purpose is to pre-load the filter with fuel to reduce priming).  Or, one of the inlets can contain a heater (the option I chose).  Bottom part of the head has a screw-on for the canister which can be various sizes, containing various sizes of filters.  Bottom of the canister has an outlet to drain water, or a glass bowl can be added to it (to allow for visual inspection of crud & water, I guess).  If the glass bowl is used, then the outlet from the canister fits to the bottom of it.

The heater element contains its own temperature sensor & swtiching.  I believe it automatically heats between 0-20 degrees C (about freezing & shirt-sleeves in fahrenhoot).  I don't think the heater has much draw, because the wiring (and inline fuse) are not excessively "heavy duty".  I can check the literature for the specifics if anyone is interested.  Instructions recommend to wire the heater into a line which is hot only when the key is on (altho I guess it could be wired into a hot line with a manual switch if you wanted to pre-heat the fuel on those really cold nights).

I converted from the VW fuel filter on my '91 TD Jetta.  The Stanadyne cost about twice as much as the VW filter / heater, but the replacement elements are much cheaper and easier to replace so I look at this as a long-term payback which will prob'ly provide better filtering in the interim.

Actually, the canister/filter does not "screw" into the head unit.  There is instead a coupling which turns to hold it, reportedly guaranteeing constant "tightness" and easy removal.

All in all, a most impressive product.  Many of my boatie friends have installed one of these (after seeing my install) and claim it looks (works?) better than the expensive Raycor's that are normally used.

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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] Fuel heaters
>     A recent offering on ebay piqued my curiosity about fuel heaters.  I
> didn't bid because of what I felt was excessive negative feedback on the
> seller, but still, such an item might be handy for either severe winter
> weather or for enhancing the flow of bioD.
>     There seem to be two types. Both are plumbed into the fuel line.  The
> Benz type utilizes engine coolant to warm the fuel while the Stanadyne type
> appears to be an electrical resistance type powered by engine current.
>     Has anyone used either or both types?  I can see that the coolant-heated
> type requires a warm engine to function, while the electrical type might
> create a strain on the battery if not wired into a switch.
>     Additionally, installation might present some issues, since it would
> appear that locating it in the fuel line before the fuel goes into the
> filter would be the way to go, and there's not much room for that.
>     Any experience?
>     TIA,
>     Scott Kair
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