[Vwdiesel] Re: [Audi-VW-Diesels] 1.9 diesel (non turbo, 75 HP) in my vanagon? Help needed.

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Fri Apr 5 16:30:10 EST 2002

I've got one in my '82 Caddy.  It's denoted as the type 1Y by VW.  75 hp
is for the turbo version; the 1Y is more like 65.  It will be an
improvement over the 1.6 NA with its 92 ft.lbs. of torque.  The block is
a bit taller (~10 mm.) to accomodate the longer stroke, but I haven't
heard that presenting any problems.  Will this engine have the factory
intake manifold?  If not, and you are going to use the 1.6 manifold
instead, you won't get the air for the combustion that the 1Y manifold
can deliver.


jon.sykes at ps.ge.com wrote:
> I have the opportunity to buy a 75 BHP VW 1.9 diesel engine.
> I was wondering if anyone has experience with this motor and has any
> comments on how well it may work, fit, etc.
> Thanks in advance y'all.
> Jon

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