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>Subject: [Vwdiesel] Diesel pump leak
>Date: Fri, Apr 5, 2002, 14:26

>My N/A D-Westy leaks diesel from the injection pump.  At idle the leak is
>quite large.  While driving the leak stops.  The source of the leak is on
>the pump side facing the motor so I cannot see where it is coming from.  Is
>this a gasket or hose replacement job or pump rebuild time, any suggestions?

Here is this topic from previous victim:

>I have been experiencing a minor case of "leaky pump" on one of the VW
>powered Samurais. This is a 1.6NA powered rig.
>Seem to weep slightly between the aluminum pump body and the cast iron part
>where the injector lines are attached (sorry for not having the correct
>part names, hope descriptions work).
>As much fiddling with diesels as I've done, I've never taken that part off
>of a pump before. Is that one of the tricky parts that if I remove it to
>re-seal, it I will get into trouble re-assembling it?
>I do not have a manual for the pump. Is there an o-ring in there? Or is it
>a precision ground mating surface (no gasket)?

  OK, here's a reprint from the old VWdiesel mailing list:

"I had this problem when I rebuilt an '83 TD engine just last month. fuel
dripping out of my injection pump like it was full of holes. It is not too
hard to replace the gasket (an o-ring worked for me) Get out the phone book
and start calling bearing shops, diesel pump specialists, and the like and
tell them you need to replace an O-ring approximately 2 1/2 inches in
diameter and about 1/8" thickness. Yeah, I know it's metric but if you
mention that you'll scare most shop owners out of their socks. 9 out of 10
places will tell you right away they don't have anything that size. Then ask
them if they know any place that might have an O-ring that size. keep
calling around 'til you find someone who will let you bring the old one in
to compare. Finding a place that has that in stock is about 50% of the work.
BTW, VW was the first place I called and they didn't even have a part number
for this seal since it was inside the pump. They would sell me a pump
rebuild kit for about 200 dollars though.
Anyway, you need to take that pump apart now to get the old seal out and to
see what you are in for. You MUST remove the pump from the vehicle and set
it up so that the pulley side is down. Then you can remove that block from
the back of the pump. It is important that you support the pump so it can't
fall over. As you remove the block be careful to note exactly how the
springs and pins and washers all fit inside so you can put it back together
exactly the same way. Now take your o-ring to your parts supplier and have
them match it. Make sure you tell them it's for a diesel injection pump and
get a ring that is of the right composition. bunan or something like that.
The o-ring cost me 45 cents and a half hour drive. When you get back home
summon up all of your patience and start putting it back together just the
way you found it. Note, there are some small metal rings under that center
shaft that need to be stacked centered under the center shaft. If they are
not, I repeat if they are not, you will not be able to rotate the pulley all
the way around. Don't ask me how I know =(
It took me literally about a hundred times to line up the springs and
everything just right and not knock things over, but if I can do it with ten
thumbs then so can someone else.

Good luck
Matt Brown
'82 1600 TD Vanagon"

  Hope that helps.


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