[Vwdiesel] New engine for Vanagon

jon jon at kenneke.com
Sun Apr 7 20:28:31 EDT 2002

Hi All..
Thinking I had simply just blown a headgasket, I proceded to remove the
heads on my 1.6NA. When the step came to lock the cam and injection pump,
I knew there were problems: the injection pump was about two teeth off of

So, when I popped off the head (I make it sound so simple: it's not), two
broken valve heads also popped out. The #1 piston was mangled, etc.

It appears either:
1) When I had the VW place replace the timing belt, the put it on 2 teeth
off, and the valves slapped until they broke, and finally poked through.
2) The belt slipped two teeth.

In any even, I've decided it's time for a new engine, since the existing
one now has broken valves and a tweaked piston. Also, it's lowish on

Ahile ago I was musing about installing a mechanical TDI, but that seems
to be too much $$$. So, what is the best suggestion? Just slap in another
good 1.6NA, or what?

Also, what are sources for *good* engines?


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