[Vwdiesel] tdi's at nyc auto show-questions, comments

VintagePkr at aol.com VintagePkr at aol.com
Mon Apr 8 10:53:08 EDT 2002

Hi all,
I went to the NYC auto show on my lunch hour on Friday and got an eyeful of
two tdi's they had on display.  One was the mint green automatic beetle but
the other was the Jetta wagon.  Boy, is that a nice sized vehicle!  It was
getting quite a bit of attention from the crowd in attendance with its
20k-ish pricetag and 50 mpg highway rating.  It was a beautiful blue with a
grey leather interior.
Now I did notice on the Jetta wagon's pricetag, a $100 fee for "California
and North east emissions" this was a surprise to me since I had not heard of
these being allowed to be sold in NY state again.  The perpetually smiling
salesperson that was at the display, stated that these TDIs were indeed
available for sale in NY.
I have not heard about this before. when was the change?  He couldnt answer
me when I asked if this new emissions required de-tuning or some other
performance modification.
Can any listee clear up this mystery?  My wife is not really happy with her
new Saturn wagon and I would love to take her to our VW dealer (1 mile from
home) and woo her into the jetta wagon.  And local availability would
certainly help.
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