[Vwdiesel] weird oil pressure phenomenon

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Mon Apr 8 23:59:54 EDT 2002

	Driving home on a really rainy afternoon a couple days ago,
I had to come to a somewhat more abrupt stop than I'd
planned to.  I.E., I locked up the fronts and then the
backs, too.  At least it answered some questions about where
my brakes are balanced out at.  The weird part was that the
oil pressure buzzer started up, and I hadn't killed the
engine stopping.  I shut if off quick and started it back
up.  No problems then or since.  Anyone had the oil pressure
drop in a panic stop?  Really freaked me out juxtaposed with
nearly sliding into a minivan.


	'85 Jetta TD
	260,000 mi.

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