[Vwdiesel] engine mount - removing/replacing A1 tranny

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Thu Apr 11 12:31:32 EDT 2002

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> My '85 Jetta TD is not quite either.  Wind noise is horrible at speed
> the doors. Is that the "B" pillar?
  "A" pillar is the windshield to door one.  "B" pillar is behind the
driver's door.
"C" pillar is the back one, to the rear quarter.
  Check your door seals.  If they're shot then that's the problem.  Usually
it's the door alignment that causes wind noise.  The outer A2 door seals
tend to go away but luckily there are inners.  A complete seal includes the
black trim piece as I understand it.  With summer coming though, I've
found  a cheaper way to repair them.  :)  On a good warm day, with a
fairly sharp pocket knife and some patience, you can "peel" a good
outer seal off of a wrecking yard car.  Then carefully superglue a bit at
a time, onto where you've peeled the old one off of your car.  Superglue
works great for gluing automotive, foam/rubber door seals together.  I'd
use a bigger bottle like you'd get from an automotive supply house or
hobby shop.  I still need to put the new/good ones on mine.

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