[Vwdiesel] new bug stumper

Mike Sauve msauve at altavista.net
Sat Apr 13 23:34:15 EDT 2002

Most likely problem is a bad Mass Airflow Sensor. Monitoring the airflow readings with a VAG-com could confirm that.

There's also a vacuum line which could cause this if it's leaking. There's a ~3/4" vacuum hose which goes from the driver's side of the head to the brake booster, a small line T's off of this, if the T breaks, it will cause a no turbo boost condition.

There is no wastegate on the ALH TDi engines, the turbo has a variable vane mechanism which is used to control boost.

At 11:24 PM 4/13/2002 +0000, jonathan hoehl wrote...
>Hi everyone!
>A friend of mine has a problem - I told her I knew just the right people to
>ask!  So, here it is; she has a '98 new beetle with a TDI - no, that's not
>the problem, when you drive the car and shift, there's no power in the new
>gear.  The car doesn't want to accelerate.  It feels down on power the whole
>time - just like there's no boost.  She had it checked-out at the dealer and
>they say it's fine.  No check engine light comes on.  I have no idea what
>the computers can diagnose either.  My only guess is a clogged cat or the
>wastegate spring failed.  Any ideas?
>thanks, Jon
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