[Vwdiesel] antenna question

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Tue Apr 16 00:18:28 EDT 2002

Someone years ago installed a new antenna on the old '85
Jetta TD.  When they did it, they used a cheap antenna and
did a really bad job.  I have the driver's footwell leak and
thought I'd just slip in a new one and make sure the lack of
a seal under the antenna wasn't the problem.  About this
time, I realized that the routing of the antenna wire was
something alltogether beyond ease.  The Bentley instructions
involved four pages of text and diagrams mainly describing
the removal of the dashboard.  Anyone know a simple trick to
make this problem magically go away?  And no, I can't just
tie a string to the old antenna wire and use it to pull the
new one back through.

	I guess I should just remove the dashboard and fix that as
well as replace the windshield with the two cracks in it and
make a genuine effort to fix the leak, which I fear will
also require doing some rust repair on the windshield
frame.  That'd be great if I owned more than one car and had
a garage.

	So, if anyone has any ideas (or a free new car and house
w/garage in Dallas), I'd muchly appreciate it.


	'85 Jetta TD

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