[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Tue Apr 16 06:54:58 EDT 2002

James wrote:

    >>In spray season around here, the only
place that stinks of spray is the city where everyone is using all kinds of
shit on their lawn and golf courses that I wear a chem suit and respirator
handle and apply.  The said folks then proceed to run their kids, dogs and
themselves through their toxic lawns, and then bitch about a farmer spraying
field miles away that they saw last time they left the environmentally
responsible concrete jungle in their 8 mpg SUV.<<

    Amen to that, especially the part about golf courses.  We have a
municipally owned 18 hole course here and the overall chemical load per acre
is of an order of magnitude greater than the corn and bean fields. I'd
propose a bounty on golfers.
    There was a controversy around here regarding nitrates in the drinking
water, with farmers getting the blame.  Research indicated that a
substantial portion of it was runoff from lawns.  Broke the trial lawyers'

    >>They are not essentially nerve poisons, they are.  You get sprayed
with them,
you die just like the bug.<<

    30+ years ago I was among the first people to get a pesticide
operator/applicator's license for municipal mosquito fogging and weed
killing in the state.  The test ran one page for insecticide, one page for
    The preferred insecticide was DDT cut with Diesel fuel, the herbicide
was 2, 4 D, aka Agent Orange.  I was issued a pair of rubber gloves for
handling the stuff.  Once the dangers of the stuff became known I had to
have an annual blood test for about 15 years to see if my liver was still
    I gave up the license once the dangers became apparent, but those
chemicals aren't even close to legal anymore.  I don't know about ag
chemicals, but a few springs ago, my house got invaded by ants.  We had a
professional exterminator come in and spray for them to no effect- they
seemed to think the stuff was a snack.  Off the shelf at Walmart ant and
roach killer worked.
    On the other hand, occasionally you run into an extraordinary species,
like fire ants.  Spraying killed off their competitors.  Spraying stronger
stuff killed off their predators.

    >>You want to change the world? Change the CONSU
MER, they drive the entire marketplace. Fixing those dirty rotten farmers by
sueing them to achieve your environmental goals accomplishes and proves

    Unless it's ConAgra building a hog metropolis next door and dumping
untreated hogsh*t into your water supply.  Of course, there's also the
problem with the annointed SUV-driving yuppie scum moving out to the country
and then suing a family farmer who's been there 150 years because the aroma
of his dozen head of steer wafted into a backyard cookout....
    The point, I guess is that there are a lot of grey areas.
    Scott Kair

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