[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

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James wrote:

 Of course, there's also the
problem with the annointed SUV-driving yuppie scum moving out to the country
and then suing a family farmer who's been there 150 years because the aroma
of his dozen head of steer wafted into a backyard cookout....

Tell me about it.  They move out here, and complain when there's a couple of
cars on jacks back behind your barn, complain about the neighbor's cattle,
complain about your tractor/mower noise on Saturday afternoon, complain
your weeds in your lawn, complain about the roads being too bumpy, complain
about the schools not being good enough, so they infiltrate the township
and suddenly your taxes go up 50%.  When they don't get their way, they sue
Complain about services not being there like in the city.  WELL NO KIDDING!
NOW LIVE 80 MILES FROM THE CITY!  UGH.  Anyone got any good farmland in
for sale?

from the giant city that is southern michigan.

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