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Tue Apr 16 11:05:10 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, April 16, 2002 6:43 AM, Shirley, Mark R
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Gee Mark, complaining about cars in your yard out on the farm? they need to get
a life and to stop looking at the Rockwell prints so much.  Some of us
"collectors" would be totally screwed.  How do they get away with that in the
land of the free?  Thought you guys had more personal freedoms than that...

Around here, the force to get them active in municipal politics is snow.  They
buy the biggest baddest SUV, go on and on at length as to how badly they need
it because they are living in "the country" now (10 miles from town), and
proceed to get stuck trying to drive it through snow, and going off the road.
 This only serves to piss them off, how dare anyone let the road get so bad
that nobody could possibly drive anywhere (of course my wife who knows how to
drive has yet to get either her 81 Jetta or now the 97 Passat stuck even once).
 They fail to notice the tracks made by my wife keep right on going through the
unpassable terrain....    It gets so bad, nobody even wants to be municipal
councillors any more- as soon as the fourth snowflake falls, the SUV from hell
drivers are on the blower to the councillor DEMANDING that their road be plowed
immediately, never mind that the plow is at the other end of the division
plowing out the guy that has been patiently waiting for a week. Next they'll
want garbage pickup.....           " Annointed SUV-driving yuppie scum" .... I
like that :-))  good one Scott ......LOL!!

Scott, I quit wrenching on the planes for reasons of chemical exposure.  You
can't wash them down thorough enough to get all the goop out from seams, tube
frame,  etc.  I saw no reason to continue getting exposed to more chemical on a
daily basis than I would be on the farm in a complete year or more. (I'm pretty
careful).  It was sooooo nice when a civil rig would come in and you could
touch things without worrying about whether the boys would fall off tomorrow or
not.   Was agent orange 2,4- diethylamine?  It is still used ya know. just
called different things, mixed in with other mixes etc. but as an amine now,
not high volatile esters.    People have quit drinking it to my knowledge:-))
Hope so anyway.

>  Of course, there's also the
> problem with the annointed SUV-driving yuppie scum moving out to the country
> and then suing a family farmer who's been there 150 years because the aroma
> of his dozen head of steer wafted into a backyard cookout....
> Tell me about it.  They move out here, and complain when there's a couple of
> cars on jacks back behind your barn, complain about the neighbor's cattle,
> complain about your tractor/mower noise on Saturday afternoon, complain
> about
> your weeds in your lawn, complain about the roads being too bumpy, complain
> about the schools not being good enough, so they infiltrate the township
> elections
> and suddenly your taxes go up 50%.  When they don't get their way, they sue
> you.
> Complain about services not being there like in the city.  WELL NO KIDDING!
> NOW LIVE 80 MILES FROM THE CITY!  UGH.  Anyone got any good farmland in
> Montana
> for sale?
> Mark,
> from the giant city that is southern michigan.
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